Think Outside the Cracker! Malone’s gourmet pork recipes from Great Chefs.

Think Outside the Cracker! Malone’s gourmet pork recipes from Great Chefs! Recently released internet site, is the web edition of collected recipes for Malone’s Fine Sausage.  Our award-winning company has produced gourmet pork delicacies since the 1950’s.  We’re honored to have been a part of so many family traditions throughout the years.  Although the “classic” […]

Main Street Designation Ceremony For Milwaukee Drive Bid

The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) designated the Historic King Drive Business Improvement District (BID) No. 8 on August 22, at a public ceremony held at the soon to be opening Pete’s Fruit Market-Bronzeville. Speakers included Representative David Bowen, Daphne Jones of Malone’s Fine Sausage, Deshea Agee and LaMarr Franklin of the Historic King Drive […]

Daphne Jones winner of 2018 Women of Influence awards program.

Milwaukee Business Journal awards Daphne Jones of Glorious Malone’s Fine Sausage Winner of Women of Influence program.  This program profiles Milwaukee-area women who are leaders in their fields and are making an impact in their professions and communities. These profiles will be published in a special section in the Milwaukee Business Journal on June 22, […]


It is always interesting to begin a conversation about our signature product Gourmet Headcheese.  Either the look on the face is quizzical,  shows hints of utter disbelief or oh yeah, I know about Malone’s. I love to introduce our headcheese to new faces.  It’s a wonderful opportunity to continue the tradition of Malone’s Gourmet Headcheese.  When I see […]


I was asked recently to explain the difference between souse meat and sulz. I thought you might find the response of interest:  Headcheese is known throughout the world by different names.  In the south, headcheese is also known as souse or souse meat.  In Germany, sulz is one of the names headcheese is known by in that country.  The difference between […]


Webster says that a  tradition is a story, a belief, a custom, a proverb, a practice, etc. handed down from generation to generation.  It also states that a traditionist is the upholder of tradition; a transmitter, recorder, or student of tradition.   What tradition do you want to perpetuate into the future? Consider the worth of your many […]


When I throw my passion into an idea, in that moment, I believe that this is where my passion will lie forever!  I live it, I breathe it, I consume it, I am heightened by that passion…then life throws the surprise and the intention of my passion shifts or divides…to that next passionate idea, the next […]


I have experienced yet another change of seasons, another change of time and changes in conducting business. Additionally, I am experiencing yet another level of metamorphosis of Malone’s – you know, where Gourmet Headcheese is sexy. All of these movements of change have guided me to look at me…my own experience of change. Sometimes change, […]