Here it is 2011! What does that mean for you? How will you show up this year? Is this the beginning of lasting positive change? Will we individually, locally, nationally or globally rise to the occasion to do the things that are best for all of our highest goods? What assessments and conclusions have you arrived at that will form the basis of your living your lives more positively? Are you consciously present and responsible? Are you indifferent to the realities of our world? What do you care about? Are you a catalyst for positive change? What impact will political and religious decisions have on your life? How aware are you? These and so many more questions demand answers! There are so many aspects of our lives that deserve investigation, that needs to be given serious consideration, and queried. I invite you all to have the courage to search yourselves and ask, how can I become more. I say just have the willingness not to resist and allow the path to positive change to show itself to you. Courage! If we can live courageously, we can individually and collectively better nuture our families, neighborhoods, nations and our planet – one life at a time! I wish you all an abundance of courage and blessings throughout 2011. Live, love, and prosper in the light of all that is Holy! Have the courage to be the best and to do the right things! I challenge you to have a over the top superb a licious new year!!!