Cracker Fried Headcheese & Grits

Cracker Fried Headcheese & Grits

Joe Muench


Ingredients Image Ingredients

O Cooked grits (per instructions on the package)
O Egg wash
O Bread crumbs
O Creole sauce
O Sausage gravy
O Chives
O Scallions
O Turnip slices
O Malone’s Mild


  1. Scoop grits into a bowl. Spoon creole sauce around the scoop of grits. Fry turnip slices.
  2. Slice the Malone’s Mild into thick squares and then cut into triangles. Double coat the squares by dipping into egg whites and bread crumbs twice.
  3. Fry the squares for approximately a minute and half, enough to brown the crust and warm the center.
  4. Place fried Malone’s on top of grits. Spoon sausage gravy on top of fried Malone’s. Sprinkle chives and scallions. Top with a fried turnip slice.