Featured Product of the Month: Mild Head Cheese

Are you a hardcore meat fan carving for something delicious? Can’t you get enough of different types of offal like liver and sweetbreads? We bring you a taste of richness and delicacy in the shape of Head Cheese. Easy to prepare, treat to eat; this will serve as a surefire appetizer at any event. Serve it with any type of crackers or bread; it won’t mind.

What is Head Cheese?

It is a type of meat jelly or organ sausage classically made with meat from heads of livestock (mostly calves and pigs) and served cold at normal temperatures. Just to clear the air, head cheese is made up of thick meat from the head and does not contain any eyes, brain, or ear. Can’t say about the tongue. The process of head cheese starts when all such sensitive organs are already removed from the head. 

Where Does It Come From?

The origins of this meaty cut can be traced down the Middle Ages Europe when meat was considered as the most staple food. More than a staple, it was a matter of survival. People used to clean up their heads and cook whatever was leftover. In this way, head cheese was first introduced to the world. Different versions under different names are still popular in parts of Asia, Europe, and America.

How to Eat Head Cheese?

Usually, people prefer to eat head cheese with thin crackers but you can use pre-made rolls and dig right in with slices as far as it tastes good. However, my favorite way of enjoying head cheese is tossing it on a sandwich with some lettuce and light mustard. This way, the punchiness of flavor hits different.

So, you must be thinking of how to get your hands on this deliciousness now? Well, you can order pre-made head cheese with or without sausage rolls depending upon whether you make them at home. Or you can take a bold decision and prepare the head cheese mat yourself. That’s some work, especially if you are unsure what parts of the head should be added to your meat. Well, in that case ordering it will be wiser.

We hope this article has convinced you to have an experience of eating head cheese if you haven’t already. Can we all agree that head cheese is one of the most underrated and overlooked cuts of meat? Not anymore.

Order your Melon’s Mild Head Cheese today!