As my first week comes to a close as a Fall intern at Malones a few things are going through my mind. First, how welcoming everyone I have met has been to me. Every time a new face walks through the door they always come and introduce themselves to me and I regret to say that I have met so many that is hard to keep track of everyone’s name. Second, the interns before me have been working hard, not only is there a Malones presence on every large social media website, but I have found pages upon pages of notes detailing the aspirations that the previous interns hoped to accomplish. The real impressive thing about these intern’s goals were they were acted upon, they reached out to the community and sought out new avenues of potential consumers. I have a lot to live up to if I hope to keep up the same quality of work that previous interns have provided. I only hope that I can work with the company to further the Malones brand. 

– Charlie Gardella