We would like to thank Barry Adams and the Wisconsin State Journal for publishing the fantastic article on our company, titled “Glorious Malone’s is thinking ‘outside the cracker’”. Since the article was published on May 22, we have been experiencing an increase of inquiries from people, all over Wisconsin, interested in our product. This publicity is beneficial during our current expansion process. The city that is showing the most interest in our Gourmet Headcheese is Madison. Therefore, we are pursuing partnerships with Madison grocery stores, supermarkets, and specialty meat markets, in hopes that, all of the Madison residents who have called our office in the past week will soon be able to purchase our delicious headcheese at a nearby market. 

If you are a Madison resident and have recommendations on stores where our product must be carried, please contact us at 414-264-9894.If you are a Wisconsinite in another town that could use some Gourmet Headcheese please call us too! We appreciate everyone who has or will contact us on the subject. Here is the article for those who missed it