Malone’s now has Gourmet Gift Baskets. High-end, sturdy baskets in 3 sizes featuring Malone’s products, gourmet jam, dish & knife set and our 1st edition “Think Outside the Cracker” recipe book. “Think Outside the Cracker” has been our motto for quite some time. Unfortunately, a lot of you still do not understand what it means. Well, we are about to show you through this recipe book. It is a beautiful display of the versatility of our Gourmet Headcheese and Country Pate. Some of Milwaukee’s finest chefs created recipes with our products. All of these recipes and more are included in our new recipe book. Once you own the book, you can recreate these delicious recipes yourself. Malone’s Gourmet Gift Baskets are available just in time for the holidays. Order a gift basket for a loved one before we run out!