It is always interesting to begin a conversation about our signature product Gourmet Headcheese.  Either the look on the face is quizzical,  shows hints of utter disbelief or oh yeah, I know about Malone’s. I love to introduce our headcheese to new faces.  It’s a wonderful opportunity to continue the tradition of Malone’s Gourmet Headcheese.  When I see the struggle behind the eyes with the name headcheese, I begin by saying that our headcheese is not what you have been accustomed to seeing.  It has a smooth texture, and an appetizing appearance which triggers the anticipation of the tantalization of the taste buds.  You only have to see our Gourmet Headcheese to believe it and once you taste our delicious pork product….you will know if its for you or not.  Our headcheese is a winner.  A definite rock star! It is so awesome to hear the joy so many of our customers share about their experiences with Malone’s for 30 years. Thank you all for your loyalty to Malone’s and your taste buds. Headcheese you say?  With the biggest smile, I say Absolutely!  I do indeed!  How about you?  Let me know!  Click here to see more about our infamous headcheese