Malone’s Fine Sausage has recently received exciting news. Maxie’s Southern Comfort is holding a Malone Night this upcoming Monday. Maxie’s is a fantastic Southern-style restaurant that specializes in cuisines from the Carolinas, Creole, and Cajun cooking of Louisiana. Earlier this year, Maxie’s premiered a dish using Malone’s product, called “Daphne’s Hush Puppies.” The dish received positive feedback from customers, inspiring the restaurant’s chefs to explore what more can be done with Malone’s meat delicacies. On Malone Night, Maxie’s executive chef Joe Muench will be introducing new menu items created with our Gourmet Headcheese and Country Pate. It is sure to be a memorable event for anyone who enjoys Southern food. Malone Night will take place Monday, September 17, from 4pm until 10pm. Maxie’s is located at 6732 W. Fairview Ave. Milwaukee, WI 53213. Come check out the scene and experience the delicious versatility of our Gourmet Headcheese and Country Pate. Below is a link to Maxie’s website and to our Facebook event for Malone Night.!/events/101466606677659/