Malone’s is receiving rave reviews! The Malone’s team has been raising awareness of our brand by taking our delicious gourmet products on the road. Earlier this month, Malone’s teamed up with Maxie’s Southern Comfort to share samples at Taste Traditions of Wisconsin. This event was held at the Wisconsin Historical Museum in Madison. The feedback at the museum was exceedingly positive. Some people came back for samples three to four times throughout the night. One lady even pulled up our online store from her iPad on the spot. This past weekend, we were able to wow even more Madison residents at the Isthmus Food & Wine Festival. Our Madison reception has been fantastic! We are looking forward to seeing Malone’s products on Madison shelves soon. Malone’s will continue doing everything we can to spread our brand recognition. We believe our Gourmet Headcheese and Country Pate are of the highest quality in our niche market. Customer reviews continue to support this belief and motivate us to continue growing Malone’s brand. Thank you everyone who came to visit us at Taste Traditions and the Food & Wine Show. Follow us on Twitter for the most updated information on future food events we will be participating in.