Gourmet Headcheese has always been the heart of Glorious Malone’s Fine Sausage. The all-natural Southern recipe is fresh, has no preservatives, and tastes superior to competitors’. Our pride for our headcheese will never fade, but we have something new to be proud of as well. Delicious Country Pate is our newest product and it is receiving rave reviews. The Country Pate comes in four exquisite flavors; Jazzy Hot, Mildly Smoked, Spicy Mild, Smokey Hot. These Pates are exceptionally versatile. “Of course they are great for snacking and they make a terrific sandwich, but they are also wonderful stirred into scrambled eggs or tossed in a salad. You could even deep fry battered cubes for an irresistible appetizer,” Daphne Jones, Glorious Malone’s CEO, exclaimed in an interview earlier this summer. “The possibilities are endless. We encourage our customers to think outside the cracker!” We are excited about the promising future of this pate. Expanding our product selection with something this tasty can only propel our already successful business. Start looking for our pate in a store near you or order it online at our website. 

-Jake Dolan