I am always amazed and caught off guard regarding the passage of time. I shouldn’t be but I am. Watching my beautiful daughters, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles and an assortment of rich and not so rich relationships blossom and become more. Wow! How blessed I am to have the opportunities of time. How blessed we all are! It doesn’t matter that time moves fast or slow as passage of time is always a matter of perspective. It matters that we choose to be present in this moment of time, because the times of tomorrow are not promised to us. All we have is today! I say appreciate time’s right now! Give thanks for time’s opportunities of today! Care about life, people, our earth, faith, love, integrity, honor and yourselves today! Tomorrow’s time and experiences will come and go…Lord willing and the creek don’t rise. Ooowee to time – to life – to opportunities! Give thanks for time! Live joyfully and fully! Visualize your dreams and traditions to leverage into tomorrow’s time. Blessings to you all today and all of your tomorrows! AND remember – Glorious Malone’s Headcheese is sexy – enjoy some today!!