Here at Malone’s Fine Sausage, we appreciate our customers and strive to show our appreciation through our service. Superb customer service has always been a key component of our company. This proud tradition can be traced all the way back to the company’s founder, Glorious Malone. Glorious consistently stressed the importance of maintaining fantastic relationships. With her influence, Malone’s Fine Sausage acquired the reputation of being a company that is incredible to its customers. After Glorious passed away in 2007, her eldest daughter Daphne took her position as president and CEO. Daphne, better than anyone, understands and respects the tradition her mother established. She prides herself on keeping these long lasting values present. With Daphne as leader of the company, the tradition will continue alive and well. Our customers’ satisfaction and loyalty is a testament to this reality. We’re always here to listen. Email us at info@malonesfinesausage.com with any questions, concerns or general comments. 

-Malone’s Fine Sausage