Product Highlight – Malone’s Rag Bologna

If you are a meat lover and crave for it on and off, we bring you a particular product that will serve your appetite and end your meat craving. We’re talking about palatable and delicious Rag Bologna. But before we get into the details of its recipe and taste, let’s first learn how to pronounce it right.

 The actual word “Bologna” comes from Italian origins. Since Italians were the first to cook and serve it, they named it after one of their cities. They pronounce it “boh-LOAN-ya.”. But then the sausage traveled to English countries and was loved very much. Englishmen started pronouncing it “buh-LOAN-ee” which understandably makes it English spellings “baloney.” However, the sausage doesn’t mind being written in either spelling as far as it is sliced, and eaten with love and passion.    

What is Rag Baloney/Bologna?

Rag Bologna is traditionally served as a long roll wrapped in a fine mesh cloth or cheesecloth (rag). However, new outlets prefer plastic over rags as it is cheaper and readily available. The main constituent of this product is the luncheon meat which is cooked and salted well before making rolls out of it. Rag Bologna can be eaten in both ways, sliced or in sandwiches.

So, what is the difference between ‘Rag Bologna’ and ‘Regular Bologna’? Their difference is in its taste, cost, and nutrition. The rag baloney is less expensive, tastier & saltier, and rich in cereal content for filler.

Americans love it. It is one of the most staple foods in the southern regions of America. Though, they have introduced some varieties of it in terms of its shape and taste. However, the true essence of it hasn’t been lost yet. Americans usually make and serve it in relatively thin stick form. They call it chub.

What is Rag Bologna made out of?

Bologna is essentially a cooked & smoked sausage that consists of cured meat. That is why it can be made of cured beef, cured pork, or a blend of the two. Depending upon how you are going to eat it, the choice cuts might include. Generally, it contains trimmings, organs, and end pieces from the meat industry.

Rag Baloney is the perfect option for a family barbeque. All you will need to do is slice it thickly about half of an inch, score the edges at multiple places, put your favorite barbeque sauce on it, or if you like it, sauce the whole chub, unsliced, and put it on the grill. Your perfect barbeque deal is ready. Or you can fry it up in grease or butter and serve it on a bun like a hamburger with fixings of ketchup and mustard. 

Whatever is your taste or preference, one thing is for sure. You’ll love the ways you can enjoy Malone’s, Rag Bologna. Place your order today!