Hot Head Cheese: 1 Loaf


One loaf of our gourmet hot head cheese embraces a flavorful blend of special seasonings that make for a spicy yet pleasurable zest. Our refined preparation techniques provide a delicacy desired by the casual consumer as well as the food connoisseur. This flavorful hot head cheese can be enjoyed on a cracker or used as a centerpiece to a magnificent dish! While maintaining our down south traditions, we have created a zesty headcheese to be enjoyed in various ways.

See what fabulous dishes and creations you can come up with! Our Hot headcheese pairs fantastically with your favorite vegetable, bread, meat, cracker, and beverage. Experience it whichever way you want, we guarantee a flavorful dish!

Need a smaller portion? You can order individual slices of hot hog head cheese from our online store (Minimum order: 3 Slices).

Think Outside The Cracker.