I have experienced yet another change of seasons, another change of time and changes in conducting business. Additionally, I am experiencing yet another level of metamorphosis of Malone’s – you know, where Gourmet Headcheese is sexy. All of these movements of change have guided me to look at me…my own experience of change. Sometimes change, not to mention a multitude of simultaneous changes, feels overwhelmingly daunting. But when I take a moment to breathe – literally breathe – I am able to meld with the vibration of change; not resisting allows me to become aligned and enables me to listen. I am looking forward to the experiences in these last months of this year that will propel me towards the changes awaiting in yet another year. (Lord willing and the creek don’t rise!) The anticipation of the possibilities feels quite jazzy!! I wish you all an abundance of jazziness! Embrace your life’s invitations to align with positive vibrations. Don’t resist! Do allow! Vibrate!