With the expansion process underway, it became necessary for Malone’s to hire new employees. We are happy to welcome Don Kiepert and Dasha Kelly to Malone’s. Don will be our director of sales. This is an extremely important position at this time. He will be visiting stores throughout the Midwest, selling our products. With Don’s help, Malone’s will continue to increase the number of areas that headcheese fans can find our Gourmet products. Dasha Kelly will be the new Marketing Coordinator. Julie Schumann, previous Marketing Coordinator, received a position interning at Red Frog Events, in Chicago. We are very sad to see her go but immensely proud of her. She has a bright future and Malone’s is fortunate to have helped her prepare for it. Dasha has had much experience in marketing and public relations. She will be using her developed skills to increase awareness of Malone’s. These two new members are going to be key factors in pursuing Malone’s vision to globally advance our Gourmet Headcheese. We are confident they will be fantastic additions to the team and excited about our future together.